New CIPFA papers coming through

June saw the first sitting of some of the new CIPFA futures qualification exams.

While the CF Business Planning & Financial Management paper had a pass rate of 68.99%, the CF Business Reporting exam saw pass rates of 57.50%.

The summer CIPFA exams show a massive jump in the CF Audit and Assurance paper. Last December it was 38.96%, in March it dropped to 36.11%, and then in June is rocked top 74.7%.

In stark contrast the old Business & Change Management pass rate went the other way! From 73.91% in March this year to just 46.72% in June.

Two papers had pass rates in excess of 90% – Corporate Governance & Law and CF Management Accounting.

A worry must be the Strategic Case study pass rate, which has slipped to 50%. It has regularly been 70%plus and December 2221 it was 85.5%.

CIPFA students may have noticed there was a slight increase in exam fees from June 2023. The existing Strategic Public Finance and Strategic Case Study modules and the new 4 strategic papers in the new CIPFA futures qualification were increased to £240. All other modules increased to £120.