Pass rates announced for December 2022 ACCA exams

ACCA DECEMBER 2022 EXAM PASS RATES: BT 79%; FA 68%; MA 61%; LW 82%; TX 52%; FR 49%; PM 43%; FM 51%; AA 40%; SBL 49%; SBR 47%; AAA 32%; AFM 41%; APM 33%; ATX 39%

AAA and APM, two of the final optional papers, are still failing two out of every three ACCA student who sit them, according to the latest exam results.

The December 2022 pass rates for AAA and APM sitters were 32% and 33 per cent respectively. Let’s hope the AAA sitter who said “to be honest that was the easiest paper in P7 history” was not left eating their words on results day!

Students had called AFM ‘ridiculously hard’, and nothing like they had seen in the books or mocks. Yet it had a pass rate of 41%, the best of the optional papers.

This was the second session where ACCA examined Professional Skills in three of the optional papers (ATX will change from June 2023). However, optional pass rates don’t seem to be moving in the right direction!

ACCA again urged students to make full use of the learning resources to support their optional studies.

The SBR pass rate this time around was 47%, with many sitters admitting they found it hard. The other essential paper, SBL, had a pass rate of 49%.

Meanwhile, the AA December pass rate was just 40%, the lowest of Applied Skills papers. The PM pass rate was second lowest at 43%. ACCA is encouraging Applied Skills sitters to get on the My Exam Performance platform to get their exam performance feedback.

In all 107,142 PQs entered the December 2022 sitting, with 128,693 exams ‘completed’. Some 3,737 students completed all their exams and became ACCA Affiliates.

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