PwC will continue to support the lure of the office

PwC won’t be downsizing its office space any time soon, according to Kevin Ellis, PwC’s UK senior partner. He said that the pandemic has accelerated changes to working patterns, “bring things forward by three or four years”. Hybrid working is here to stay, he explained, and therefore the office will remain a key part of working life.

Ellis admitted that the future of the market for office space is difficult to predict, but “if anything at the moment we need more space than ever because of social distancing”.

PwC staff have also told him that they really value having the option to use an office – whether for a personal or business use.

He went on to say that in the longer term it will be important to continue to ensure offices offer people something more than they can get at home, whether it’s working together, innovating or learning. “I am sure I’m not alone in wanting this to be the case.”