Remote working is ‘not working’ for all PQs

Accountants love working from home and want it to continue, unless they are PQs, according to a new poll from GAAPweb.

PQs, particularly accounts assistants and finance assistants, felt they were less productive at home (45% and 54% respectively). This is despite the fact that some 78% of those surveyed claiming that remote working encourages more productive days. Junior staff seem to be struggling without face-to-face direction or assistance from their managers or mentors.

A relatively high number of the most senior finance professionals such as CFOs (36%) and FDs (31%) also feel that working from home hinders their productivity. Their broad, high-level responsibilities combined with little opportunity for off the cuff conversations may mean that these senior professionals are not benefitting from the fewer meetings now taking place, and actually end up spending longer on telephone and video conferences than they would usually spend on face-to-face meetings.

The survey found that the overwhelming majority (97%) of accountants and other finance professionals have been working from home since the start of the pandemic (in March). Less than a third have now been told when they will return to office-based working, meaning 70% ‘remain in the dark’ about what their company plans.