Runnabout – the CIMA May-August Strategic Case Study is out

Welcome to the SCS pre-seen, where you are a senior manager in the finance function at Runnabout, the parent company of the Runnabout Group.

The quoted company operates pay-as-you-go ‘hoverboard’ vehicles for use in major cities – if only (what a way to get to work!). But, just to be clear hoverboards do not actually ‘hover’, they are two-wheeled vehicles that are driven by electric motors and powered by rechargeable batteries. What we are talking about here is upgraded Boris bikes!

Runnabout was created to rent bicycles in what appears to be a flat, windy country. It’s move into hoverboards was an immediate success with both commuters and tourist alike. The one fly in the ointment is that fact that the cities where the company operate its scheme are looking at the effects the hoverboards have on pedestrians and traffic. Check out the Geeland daily News report on ankle injuries here.

Interestingly, its data capture information is highly sought after. With 30,270,000 registered users protection data is key too – its hold credit card and validation numbers of all these people!

We are given the average revue per journey of G$5.80 and cost to Runnabout of G$2.19.

The pre-seen also includes extracts from the annual report, with the principal risks. There is also the P&L from Dokbyke Group a major competitor and a news story to go with it at the bottom of the pre-seen.