Sweden top European country for women to work in 2023

Three Scandinavian countries took the first three places in Reboot Online’s analysis on which European countries offer the best prospects for female professionals.

Sweden was the best place for women to work, followed by Finland and Norway.

For International Women’s Day (8 March) Reboot Online evaluated a variety of factors such as economic and leadership role opportunities, creating a points-based index out of 300 points, Sweden scored 241.4 points.

The UK ranks in 12th place (the same as Germany) with 165.5 points out of 300. The study found that the UK has the highest number of women in leadership positions of all the European countries studied, taking into account wage equality for similar work and estimated income – that’s 317 active duty leadership positions in 2022. As a result, it scored 100 points in our index. However, researchers said it is quite disappointing that The UK only has 11.6 paid full weeks of maternity leave, which equals a score of 6.9/ 100 for this category.

 In last place is Turkey, scoring 31 points out of a possible 300. Despite its poor performance, the country has surprisingly earned more points for women in leadership (27.6/100) than countries known to champion gender equality, such as Austria (13.8/100 points).

Naomi Aharony, CEO and Co-Founder at Reboot SEO Agency said: “The overall results have suggested that there is some progress in terms of gender equality in the workplace in Europe. Norway, Finland and Sweden ranked highly, indicating that there are some improvements being made. Although, the disappointing positions of European countries such as Austria (28th) and Czech Republic(27th)reaffirm that the progress towards gender parity remains slow in Europe.”

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Photo caption: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com