The green jobs market boom

The transformation to a net zero economy is feeding through to the employment market, accounting for 1.2% of total advertised jobs, equating to 124,600 new jobs, for the year to July 2021. However, PwC says that disparities are already arising in how the transition to greener jobs is affecting different parts of the UK.

These findings come from PwC’s Green Jobs Barometer – a first of its kind analysis, tracking movements in green job creation, job loss, carbon intensity of employment, and worker sentiment across regions and sectors.

Currently the proportion of new green jobs is small, but each new green job generates a further 1.4 jobs (rising to 6 jobs for the energy sector), through increased demand for goods and services in the supply chain. This figure should also grow as the UK accelerates efforts to transition to net zero. Nevertheless, the scale-up will need to intensify to meet Government targets of two million green jobs by 2030.

Moreover, work is needed to ensure the green jobs transition doesn’t exacerbate regional inequalities. Yorkshire & the Humber, Northern Ireland and Wales are the lowest ranking regions across all aspects of the Green Jobs Barometer. Scotland and London are the top performers.