UK accountants love working from home

UK financial professionals are leading the globe in making hybrid working ‘work’, according to ACCA’s UK Talent Trends in Finance 2023 report.

The research – based on a global survey of over 8,000 finance professionals – found that the UK is one of the most advanced regions in the world in terms of high levels of remote and hybrid working, with Scotland the global leader. The data also suggests that, across a range of work satisfaction metrics, hybrid workers are significantly happier than those working full time in the office.

Jamie Lyon, head of Skills, Sectors and Technology at ACCA, said: “Only one-fifth of respondents in the UK identified as fully office based, with the remaining 80% either adopting a hybrid approach to work or being fully remote. However, globally, the picture is notably different, with over half of respondents being fully office based. And 77% of respondents in the UK feel they are more productive when working remotely.”

While the overwhelming majority of professionals in the UK say they understand how technology adds value, there are nevertheless concerns about the scale and pace of change, with younger generations most concerned that their roles might be replaced by technology. Similarly, 63% say they want more training from employers, pointing to a significant technology skills gap.

Despite these concerns the report paints a picture of a highly ambitious and mobile accountancy profession, suggesting a talent crunch exists for the sector. Indeed, over a third (36%) of UK respondents expect to move to their next role within 12 months, rising to 58% within the next two years.