What not to do in an interview…

October 2020

Hugging a prospective boss is now out, but there are still some fatal errors you should avoid at the interview stage if you want to get that dream job.

The first mistake is not doing your homework about the company and your interviewer. You should have checked out their LinkedIn profile and followed the company tweets at the very least.

Handshakes are out these days too, but a smile is just as welcoming. If you aren’t sure about this then practise! Stand opposite the mirror and smile – what do you see? If it’s not something you do a lot of, try to discover what looks the most welcoming, and it doesn’t have to mean coming out all teeth blazing.

Interviews are tough and you can feel like you are being interrogated. But, as granny used to say, make sure you “sit up straight”.

Also, be aware of your body language. Try not to rub your nose too often! A few nods helps and try to look interested at all times.

Something interviewers hate is a candidate who keeps looking at their phone. You sometimes don’t ever know you are doing it! Another is speaking poorly of the ex-boss. The hiring manager will only start thinking what you will say about them.