ACCA 13 – Territory Inspection Department

In his review of Natsume Ono’s manga series James Beckett explains what ‘ACCA 13 – Territory Inspection Dept.’ is all about. He says: “In a kingdom divided into thirteen districts, it takes a strong system of government to keep things in check. After disgruntled citizens threatened a coup d’état a hundred years ago, the inspection department known as ACCA was formed to make sure all thirteen districts are operating free of corruption and with the interest of the people in mind above all else. Jean Otus is a perpetually drowsy chain-smoker who also happens to be one of the greatest inspectors at ACCA; when he isn’t busy hunting down sweets for his sister Lotta or knocking back a couple drinks with his best friend Nino, Jean is busy sniffing out chicanery across the kingdom. Now that there are murmurs of another coup brewing throughout the districts, Jean must work to prevent the collapse of his world, even if it means getting much closer to the kingdom’s conspiracies than he ever imagined.” So now you know!

  • ‘ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Department’ is now available as a box set on DVD and Blu-RayD.