ACCA December exams Day 3 feedback

How were PM and APM? Well, here’s what you said…


The MCQs were deemed fine, but people struggled with section C and probability quest, which for some turned into a ‘disaster’.

Among the questions were transfer pricing and rolling budgets. The rolling budget question was similar to a past exam question.

There were also questions on variances, ABC, ABB and linear/limiting factors.

Some students seemed to struggle with the information. “It took soo long to collect info from question,” explained one.

On Open Tuition’s poll some 51% of students called this one ‘OK’.


One in four sitters felt the December was a ‘disaster’ for them, on Open Tuition’s instant post-exam poll. The first comment on the website was just “time management”. A fellow sitter agreed: “It was so time pressure and so difficult to think with so many boxes up on your screen!” Another candidate said they ‘knew everything’, and still couldn’t complete the paper!

So, we are talking a ‘hard’ and ‘challenging’ paper for many. However, others felt it was all fair, with no major or tricky calculations. “Nothing usual came up,” said one sitter. There was even someone who enjoyed it: “Good cases on each question to really get your teeth stuck into.”

One sitter revealed what they were asked: Q1 Kaizen, JIT, Six sigma, ERPS; Q2 ABM; Q3 Benchmarking. But many PQs still don’t understand that not every gets the same exam questions now!

A few PQs also complained about dodgy keyboards.