ACCA March pass rates ‘looking good’

ACCA MARCH 2021 PAPER PASS RATES: BT 83%; MA 74%; FA 72%; LW 87%; PM 44%; TX 46%; FR 47%; AA 43%; FM 46%; SBL 50%; SBR 52%; AFM 39%; APM 36%; ATX 44%; AAA 32%

Despite the global disruption over 92,000 ACCA students sat March exams, with a total of 3,440 completing their final exams to become ACCA affiliates.

Pass rates certainly held up this March, and in many cases they were up on the December 2020 success rates. The March sitters of the AA exam manged something that hadn’t been seen since June 2017 – a 43% pass rate. However, those sitting the Applied Skills TX paper only manged a 46% pass rate. That is down five percentage points on December 2020.

At the Strategic Professional level, the SBL and SBR pass rates were a healthy 50% and 52% respectively. These are the best combined pass rates since the new papers were introduced in September 2018.

AAA still seems to cause massive problems again. The March pass rate dipped, the worse in four sittings, to 32%. That means two out of three sitters (68%) failed this paper.

The APM pass rate was 36% this time around. That is the best result since June 2016, but AFM slipped back to 39% (which is still quite high for this paper).

Alan Hatfield, ACCA executive director – strategy and development said: “We are delighted with the results of this latest exam sitting, which saw 21,402 remotely invigilated exam entries across Applied Skills and Strategic Professional allowing many more students to progress than would otherwise have been possible.

Moving forward he is also promising a greater focus on support for the Optional exams.