Are you alone? – because you need to be…

Two ACCA students have paid a heavy price for getting ‘help’ with their exams. Two recent disciplinary cases against ACCA students featured third parties in remote exam rooms and authorised material near the desks.

ACCA student Salman Ahmad, of Dir Lower Pakistan, has been fined costs of £9,000 and removed from the register after he allowed someone to be present and communicate with him during an online remote exam. During the exam Ahmad could be heard whispering to someone and there was evidence a note had been passed during the exam. The disciplinary committee said: “The rustling of paper could be heard, and Ahmad acknowledge the note through his eye movement.” Video footage also revealed the presence of headphones, which were within arms’ reach.

In a separate case Safi Ullah, of Haripur Pakistan, was excluded from student membership and ordered to pay cost of £8,875. He too had someone in the room with him during the exam, there was also a concern about the presence of unauthorised materials on the floor near Ullah’s exam desk. Despite being warned by the invigilator not to keep looking off screen he continued to do so.