Back to Basics – our video series

Do you know the basics, or did you get exemptions on the understanding that you knew them! Take double entry bookkeeping, for example, our 8-minute video by leading lecturer Tom Clendon explains exactly when to debit and credit. If you are just starting out or getting nearing to your finals its vitally important you can master double entry bookkeeping and the rules. Over 1,500 people have now gone online to watch/listen to this one, and there’s lots more videos too available from us.

We recently added VAT calculations and business valuations, to our Back to Basic video series, and a have a few more coming your way soon.

Here’s the list in full:

Double Entry Bookkeeping, with Tom Clendon

Trail Balance, with Michele Baker

VAT Calculations by Michele Baker

Assets, with Tom Clendon

The Strategic Planning Process, with Sean Purcell

Business valuations, with Sunil Bhandari

Financial Maths for AFM and FM students, with Sunil Bhandari

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), with Sunil Bhandari