CGMA Finance Leadership Programme – some Qs & As

March 2023

Kevin Gormley answers some common questions about the leadership initiative AICPA & CIMA launched last year.

The CGMA Finance Leadership Programme (FLP) is a competency-based digital learning initiative for those studying CIMA’s CGMA Professional Qualification. It is delivered through an online learning and assessment platform and sets out to instil the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to proceed through the Case Study exams.

Why did CIMA develop the FLP?

The programme is the result of our engagement with candidates and employers. They expressed a desire for new learning options with greater flexibility, while ensuring that the same standards of competence are maintained.

Does the programme use the same syllabus?

Yes, it uses the exact same syllabus as the traditional route. Learning content is constantly updated alongside CIMA’s CGMA syllabus, keeping it relevant to today’s employer needs.

Do I earn the same awards?

Yes, the awards are the same on both routes. In addition, within the CGMA Finance Leadership Program, candidates also earn Digital Skills

Certificates upon completion of each group of competencies.

Is it easier or less valid than the traditional route as there are no Objective Test exams?

No. Regardless of the route you choose, completing the qualification relies on the candidate passing the Case Study exams, these are regarded as the ultimate measure of competence, not the Objective Tests. The programme’s goal is to provide a viable, valid, effective and flexible alternative route to these exams.

How do you ensure quality of the learning and assessment?

There are many robust quality assurance processes and review stages to ensure that the content seen by candidates is of the highest standards. We continuously monitor content to ensure it is performing as expected, as well as providing feedback channels for students and other stakeholders.

The combination of CIMA’s direct provision of learning, formative and summative assessment, and other tuition support, such as knowledge checks and business simulation assignments, give the program its validity. The Case Study exams remain the sole determinant of competence for all candidates, irrespective of the path they take, and it would ill serve our candidates if each pathway was not equally robust and valid.

Why should I join?

Some reasons people have joined include:

• It suits their learning style – it is less formal, more bitesize and iterative.

• Flexibility of learning whenever and wherever you want.

• Different subscriptions to suit their requirements.

• Comprehensive Case Study exam review courses including pre-seen analysis, graded mock exams, webinars, live classes and all relevant notes.

• Ability to progress faster if you choose to do so.

• Access to all learning materials regardless of their entry point.

Can I transfer from the traditional pathway?

Yes. You can also move back after your subscription expires. Any progress you have made will be maintained and transferred.

If I transfer, how is my CIMA progress transitioned?

You will maintain all progress you have made. If you have passed Objective Tests, for example the P1 exam, you will receive credit for the corresponding learning and assessment. If you passed any Case Study exams, you will receive credit and will not be required to re-take them.

Can I complete more than one level and case study per year?

Yes. You can progress as far as you are able to for the length of your subscription. For example, if you just sat a Case Study exam and are awaiting your result, you can progress to the next level. This allows candidates to maximise their subscription’s value.

What subscription package options are available?

There are two flexible packages designed with your goals and schedule in mind available in the UK:

• Skills Plus – Access to all competency areas across all levels as well as full courses concentrating on case analysis, exam techniques with graded mock exams. All registration and annual subscription fees included in price, as well as two exam credits per Case Study exam.

• Skills Premium – Everything included in the Skills Plus package with the addition of expert led live online classes for competencies and Case Study exam preparation, expert tutor support and advice from personal coaches on how to best learn and progress.

Where can I find out more and sign up?

More information can be found at

• Kevin Gormley is Senior Product Manager for the CGMA Finance Leadership Programme, AICPA & CIMA. He hosts the FLP podcast, which you can listen to at