CIMA exams – ‘open for business’

Scheduling for CIMA’s remote exams is now open. The institute wanted to assure PQs that there is sufficient capacity for students to book their exams, which begin on 4 May. CIMA explained that it is currently experiencing a lot of interest in scheduling exams, and is “processing accounts in the background to make scheduling available to all our students”.

CIMA said you will be able to book an online exam if it is listed in your pre-approved exams. Provisional pass/fails will be provided at the end of the exam through the online dashboard, and as normal your result will be confirmed 48 hours after the exam in MyCIMA. For OTs you can cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your exam.

If you want to see what remote testing involves using the Pearson OnVue system then you can watch this short video: