CIMA students rise to the challenge

The CIMA case study May 2020 results are out, and they are ‘looking good’. The operational case study pass rate held steady at 57%. Success at the management case rose to 67%, and the strategic case jumped to an even healthier 69%.

CIMA’s examination VP, Steve Flatman, said he has been humbled by the way students have risen to the challenges facing them. “I have been really impressed with the way our students have reacted in lockdown,” he said. There are record numbers of students now planning for the MSC August sitting.

The new syllabus pass rates for the OT’s are also out, covering the sitting between 1 January 2020 and 31 July 2020. And, here they are: E1 81%; E2 90%; E3 76%; F1 77%; F2 59%; F3 57%; P1 52%; P2 53%; P3 55%. Moving forward the pass rates will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Flatman said that students had taken the new syllabus in their stride, and he was proud of this team, who had remote invigilated exams up and running just seven weeks after the lockdown was announced.

*You can read out full interview with Steve about how CIMA rose to the challenges of Covid-19 in the next issue of PQ magazine – published on 18 September.

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