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Coding & accountants

Technology and digital skills are a core part of the accountant’s world. Digital adoption is on the rise, and accountants are increasingly being asked to leverage digital to enhance the value they bring, says ACCA in a new briefing paper called Coding: as a professional accountant, why you should be interested.

Research amongst ACCA members showed that although 57% had no knowledge of coding, 40% expressed an interest in learning. Looking ahead three years, none of the respondents wanted to remain without any knowledge of coding. And over that same time frame, six in 10 wanted to develop a basic knowledge, and a further one in four sought advanced knowledge in coding.

Lloyd Powell, Head of ACCA Cymru Wales, says: “Not every professional accountant may need to code, but even a basic understanding can add value to their organisations, help to differentiate themselves and open future career opportunities.”


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